• Fluid natural language interface that allows users to ask questions, learn and complete tasks with ChatGPT style prompting
  • Free to use with your own OpenAI and Pinecone API key or get started right away with a promo code
  • Update multiple files and create whole features from a prompt by dropping requirements directly into the prompt box
  • Prompt your code base to answer questions or find the relevant files before planning and implementing an update
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  • OppyDev maintains a working memory of your project so you can ask questions or prompt updates to the whole codebase
  • Manual controls give you the ability to move quickly by directing the AI to specific files or to run specific commands
  • Generate training data as you work that can be used to improve the system and finetune Oppy to your specific codebase and standards (Coming Soon)
  • Easily switch between different AI models, including multiple versions of GPT 4, GPT 3.5, Gemini, Claude and Mixtral
  • Can work with large files by injecting code updates into pre-existing code so you don’t have to rewrite the whole file
  • Interactive diff allows you to easily understand the changes that were made and allows you to make adjustments
  • Keeps a record of your changes as a chat log so you can easily go back and reference your workflow
  • Further enhance OppyDev’s capabilities by including external and internal documentation in your project folder
  • Use with your files, on your personal computer, you aren’t locked in to any platform
  • Your code, prompts and generated code are not used to retrain a public model so you don’t have to worry about your unique code popping up in someone else’s codebase
  • Macro tool that allows you to run a prompts against the whole codebase or a group of matched files
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  • Works with all well known development libraries and frameworks
  • Easily integrates with pre-existing codebases and also good for starting from scratch
  • Available for Windows and MacOS in the download
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