Get started using OppyDev quickly without having to enter your own API keys and start with 500,000 free GPT-4 tokens by using one of our beta release promo codes. Promo codes can be added in the user menu by hovering over user menu button in the bottom rightYou can request a promo code by sending your LinkedIn to or reach out to us on TwitterAfter downloading and logging into the app you can add the promo code into a field in the user menu in the bottom right, then press the checkmark button to submit.

OppyDev is being released as a beta for now as we continue to iterate rapidly in order to deliver new features and enhancements. Even though we’ve done a lot of testing to ensure that you have a smooth experience using OppyDev you may still find some bugs. If you find any issues or if there is any other feedback you want to share please email us at

# Create an OppyDev account

You can create a new account within the OppyDev app. Click the download link above, install and then follow the “click to register” link at the login screen. If using your email to register you will need to enter the verification code sent to your email in order to complete the process.

# Getting Set Up

Follow the instructions below to get setup using the free version of OppyDev. If you have a subscriber account, a promo code or are a beta tester you can skip these steps and go straight to opening up a new project. Read our getting started guide at

# Create a pinecone database

A starter pinecone account is completely free. Go to Sign up and then click on the “API Keys” button on the left. Generate a new API key by clicking the “Create API Key” button in the top right and then make note of the key and the environment. The environment should be “gcp-starter”. Go back into OppyDev and enter the key and environment in the pop-up user menu in the bottom right.

Keep in mind a free pinecone index only lasts 7 days if its left inactive. If you don’t use OppyDev for over 7 days you will need to recreate the project memory for OppyDev to fully function.

# Get an OpenAI API key

This guide assumes you already have an OpenAI account. If not you can create one here. Once you have an account go to You may need to log in by clicking the login button in the top right.

Click the lock icon in the navigation panel on the left to access the API keys. Click the “create new secret key” button. Enter a name for the key and then press “Create secret key”. You won’t be able to view the API key again after creating it, so you may want to save it somewhere safe. Copy the new key and then enter it into the “OpenAI API Key” section of the OppyDev user menu in the bottom right.

You are now ready to start using OppyDev. To learn more about getting started you can check out the video and documentation here.

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