About OppyDev

OppyDev was created with the expectation that AI will continue to get smarter. Rather than trying to replace the IDE that you’re used to we’ve created something new that can be used along side it. This allows us to create a UI that is optimized for AI and human collaboration. This approach favors having the AI write most of the code and gives you the tools to oversee, instruct and train the AI. It works by allowing you to easily expose your project folder to a large language model like chatGPT and then uses an AI agent to help automate your work flow. We think of it as a cross between chatGPT, Slack and a traditional IDE.

OppyDev has been designed with a focus on transparency, customizability, and data control. There are many AI powered tools being released that are a black box which attempt to perform the role of a developer or a whole development team. We want to offer an alternative that boosts the capabilities of its users instead. We’ve done this by creating a tool that is transparent and gives the user access to the AI agent that powers the system. OppyDev is also built to generate training data that you control, which is not used by us or shared with anyone else.

Our Team

OppyDev was built by a small group of independent developers and designers interested in experimenting with AI. We are trying to reimagine what the software tools of the future might be like by creating a UI that focuses on the collaborative process between a person and an AI.

We have found that we’ve been able to get a lot more out of GPT 4 by being more hands on with how the AI receives instruction. Rather than trying to fully automate the development process or guessing at which files you are trying to reference, OppyDev gives you control over those things with an easy to use UI. This allows you to get better results, iterate quickly and follow along with the changes being made in order to get specific, high quality results.

We are currently looking for interested developers and technologists that want to try it out and provide some feedback. Please sign up for the beta here if you are interested in shaping an AI coding solution focused on empowering the developer and keeping a human in the loop.

Fund Us

We are currently looking for funding. If you would be interested in investing we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us as invest@oppydev.ai.


OppyDev uses a transparent agent that allows you to follow along as it takes steps to complete its task. It will also explain its thinking. Being transparent about how the tool works makes it easier to understand how to get the best results and can be great for learners as well. Tools like the editable diff make it easy to follow along with changes in the code and to go back and review changes that were made previously.


Every action that can be taken by OppyDev is also available to be used manually by the user. Some of them are built into the UI as well. This allows you to move faster and skip to the action you want instead of always going through the AI. Soon you will be able to use OppyDev’s SDK to expand on his existing capabilities in order to customize the tool to your needs and even to use the agent as part of your own project.


Training data can be captured as you work. Soon more functionality will be built into OppyDev to allow you to easily use that data to fine tune your own model which is familiar with your codebase and coding style.

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