Introducing OppyDev:

A Collaborative AI Agent that Elevates your Coding Experience

We’ve developed an AI assistant that understands your entire codebase and saves you time by writing the tedious code you don’t want to.

Meet Your Transparent AI Agent

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OppyDev is here to revolutionize your development process with cutting-edge AI agent technology designed to empower developers. View the full feature set here.

We’re looking for Beta Testers

Our new desktop AI Agent will make a difference in your productivity. We’ve launched in beta and we need your real-world input.

Meet Your AI Agent

At the heart of OppyDev lies our revolutionary “AI Agent,” a powerful assistant that connects with ChatGPT to perform complex tasks and actions. It seamlessly understands your codebase, updates the necessary files, and can handle intricate tasks efficiently.

  • Utilizes a powerful AI Agent connected to ChatGPT
  • Find and update multiple files and create whole features from a prompt
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Take Control of AI Outputs

We believe in putting you in the driver’s seat. OppyDev allows you to tweak and refine the AI’s suggestions, saving the results as valuable training data. 

  • Transparency in the AI output allows you to customize AI suggestions
  • AI becomes smarter over time, adapting to your coding style


Our goal is clear: we want developers like you to harness the full potential of AI without relinquishing control or losing sight of how things work under the hood. OppyDev takes care of repetitive tasks and makes it easy to review the changes.

  • Interactive diff allows you to easily understand the changes and make adjustments

  • Keeps a record of your updates so you can go back and reference your workflow

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Seamless Integration

OppyDev can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow as a standalone application. Rather than taking up space in your existing IDE we’ve created a new UI optimized for collaboration with an AI agent.

  • Use with your files, on your personal computer, you aren’t locked in to any platform
  • No need to copy and paste or select files, just point OppyDev to your codebase and start prompting

Turbocharge Your Developer Capabilities

Imagine a coding environment that feels just like the one you’re used to, but with the added superpower of an AI assistant.

  • Prompt your codebase to answer questions or find files and write code updates
  • Use manual controls to skip steps, direct the AI to specific files or run commands
  • Switch between different AI models, including    GPT 4, GPT 3.5, Gemini, Claude and Mixtral

OppyDev is Your Toolkit – Enhanced

OppyDev is your trusted sidekick in the world of coding, always ready to assist and simplify complex tasks.

We work where you work.

With OppyDev, bridge the coding gaps effortlessly across a myriad of programming languages and libraries. Whether you’re fluent in Python, JavaScript, Java, or exploring the depths of various libraries, our intuitive AI coding assist seamlessly integrates with your preferred platform.

No matter what platform you’re on, OppyDev is here to help.

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